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Saturday Night Live

"I am soooo, tired of you complaining, about my outfits. Don't you know, I need to be able to attract my clients this way?"

My name is Cindy. I am an Exotic Dancer. I work at Saturday Night Live, strip club. And my boyfriend is super annoying. He knew I was a stripper when he met me. Dumbass, met me at the same club. Always crying about what I wear, how I wear it, and 21 questions on how long am gonna be a stripper. Want to know what I tell him? I'll stop when you get a job to support us.

"Goodbye Max, and no I won't suck anybodys dick tonight." You must think am stupid. God knows we need the money but, I don't get down like the other ladies. Truth is, they really be doing things like that all the time in the private rooms. 

Time to make my way over to the club. Tonight is going to be hella lit.

I see a lot of ballers out tonight! Some are just the regulars, but it seems King Nash brought his boys out to play. I better hurry up and get ready. 

"Aye Keisha, you seen the floor tonight? Nash brought the boysssss."

"Bitch a know! phew, I got the call from Trina yesterday, why you think am here?."

Keisha is forever in the mirror twerking her fat fake ass. She always bags the best clients out there. You can't help but to be mad. She a real one though. Makeup, twerk and reverse.

"Cindy, who's on stage now?",

"I think its that new girl, hum what's her name again? oh yea ...Pussy Cream."

"Wait, whaaaatttt why the fuck she gotta call herself that? hahahah"

We both laughed as the other group of dancers walked in the dressing room.

Tonya walks over, slaps my ass and asks, "Why yall two always in here laughing?" 

"Girl byeeee, let me do my makeup in peace. Matter a fact, is Miss Pussy Cream finished? somebody get her off the stage please, that newbie needs to chill."

Tonya laughs, rolls her eyes and says "Listen that cream pussy, or whatever, is about to fuck up our play tonight. Nash and his boys out there act'n a fooool."

I don't know what Tonya is talking about, but ain't no new bitch gonna come up in my club and mess with my money, pussy cream or not. Time to regulate. There is rules to this shit. 

"Keisha I need a drink before I clown this hoe." 

Keisha giggles as she walks towards the exit to grab us more drinks. To our surprise, Miss Pussy Cream walks in with an unpleasant look on her face. We can tell she heard our conversation. 

The room became silent, and ofcoarse she had to open up her creamy mouth. 

"I know you all don't like me, and I don't give a fuck. Am here to make my money, but bitches always feel some type of way. Keep talking shit though, it ain't gonna change, cause they still throw'n money at me." Pussy cream has spoken.   




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  • Ooh lala i love this excitement super sexy dramatic and suspenseful can’t wait to hear more🔥. hahaha pussycream ain’t no joke!😛

    Lex on
  • Let’s see what happens next :)

    Jay on
  • Hahaha Keisha is me, minus the fake ass or any 😂 awaiting round 2 lol

    VQ on
  • I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!

    Shannon on
  • OMG🙆🏽‍♀️ Why is my pussy already wet and we didn’t even reach to those scenes💦🔥😂 I loved it! I cannot wait to tune in for the rest with my vibrator!

    Jamilla on

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